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Types of Accidents Airline Passengers Can Experience

 Posted on February 22, 2022 in Personal Injury

Kane County airline injury attorneysWhile there are many people who are so afraid of flying that they often need medication to calm down enough to get on a plane, the truth is commercial airlines are one of the safest ways of traveling. However, although statistically the odds of dying in an airplane crash are so small they cannot even be calculated, there is a legitimate concern regarding the potential of serious personal injuries a person can suffer before, during, and after their flight.

Overhead Bins

According to several airline safety sources, more than 4,500 passengers are injured each year because of luggage and other items falling from overhead bins. Because most airlines now charge for any checked-in luggage, many passengers pack as much as they possibly can in their carry-on bags, so these items are usually fairly heavy. If one or more of these bags lands on top of a passenger opening a bin, they can suffer some serious injuries, such as concussions or even fractured bones.

Food Carts

There is also the risk of injury during a flight from rolling food carts. This can happen if the passenger is sitting by ramming their shoulders, legs, or feet while it rolls down the aisle or a cart can hit a passenger walking by due to how narrow plane aisles are.


Turbulence is another major cause of in-flight accidents. Not only does turbulence cause the items in overhead bins to move around and become unsecured, but sudden turbulence can also cause passengers who are not wearing safety belts to get thrown from their seats and suffer an injury. Although turbulence is considered an “act of God” and this is why flight crew warn passengers to buckle up when turbulence is occurring, if the crew fails to warn passengers, the airline could potentially be held liable for any injuries sustained.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Passengers can suffer slip and fall injuries during a flight, as well as when they are boarding or getting off the plane. There may be spills that were not cleaned right away that can cause a person to slip or objects or debris that a passenger could trip on



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