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When an unsafe condition on someone else's property causes you serious injury, you may be left with devastating expenses. You may have needed ambulance transportation to the hospital, an extended hospital stay, diagnostic tests, surgical procedures, physical therapy, or other expensive medical interventions. To make the situation worse, you may not be able to work due to your injuries. If this scenario describes you, consider pursuing compensation through a premises liability lawsuit.

At Ekker Law, P.C. / Steven B. Ekker, Esq., we help injured individuals and their families put their lives back together after an unexpected accident. We assist individuals harmed in residential properties, retail stores, shopping malls, resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars, and all other types of property.

Batavia Premises Liability Lawyer

A property owner or possessor is liable for an injured person's damages when:

  • The owner of the property had a legal duty to maintain his or her property for the safety of anyone entering the property;
  • The owner breached this duty;
  • The victim suffered injuries as a result of this breach of duty;
  • The victim's injuries caused him or her to incur damages, losses, or expenses.

It is important to note that premises liability laws do not apply in the same manner when the individual is trespassing or otherwise on private property without permission. The experienced legal professionals at Ekker Law, P.C. / Steven B. Ekker, Esq. provide high-quality legal representation for clients injured in a wide variety of accidents. These include but are not limited to situations involving:

  • Slip and fall accidents;
  • Poorly maintained stairways;
  • Inadequate lighting causing a trip or other injury;
  • Negligent security which leads to an assault or battery;
  • Fire safety and building code violations;
  • Dog or animal attacks;
  • Snow and ice accidents;
  • Toxic fumes or chemicals;
  • Elevator and escalator accidents;
  • Fires and explosions;
  • Water leaks or flooding; and
  • Other substandard conditions on the premises.

Experienced Lawyer Fighting for Your Rights

Premises liability lawyer Steve Ekker has over 25 years of experience in the practice of the law. He and the team at Ekker Law, P.C. / Steven B. Ekker, Esq. have the education, resources, and legal know-how needed to give you the best possible chances at a favorable outcome. We will work with you to learn about your unique situation and needs. Then we will develop a personalized legal strategy for getting you and your family the compensation you need. If negotiations fail, trial attorney Steve Ekker is fully prepared to take your case to trial. The compassionate professionals at Ekker Law, P.C. / Steven B. Ekker, Esq. will be by your side every step of the way during the premises liability proceedings.

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