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For over 25 years, Attorney Steve Ekker has helped Illinois residents who wish to end their marriage. He and the team of dedicated professionals at Ekker Law, P.C. / Steven B. Ekker, Esq. are well-educated regarding Illinois divorce law and can provide effective legal guidance for a wide range of family law issues.

If you are considering divorce or you have already decided to end your marriage, you may feel completely overwhelmed by the road ahead. Fortunately, you do not have to face divorce alone. When you choose Ekker Law, P.C. / Steven B. Ekker, Esq. to represent you in your Illinois divorce, you can rest assured that you have an entire team of professionals by your side.

Asset Division and Child Custody Representation in Montgomery

The main issues in an Illinois divorce involve the division of assets and child-related concerns. Property division is often a major point of contentiousness between divorcing spouses. This is especially true of couples who have accumulated a great deal of wealth, own complex assets, or have been married a long time. Complex assets include:

  • Family-owned businesses;
  • Investment accounts;
  • Executive compensation packages;
  • Stocks and bonds;
  • Retirement accounts and pensions; and
  • Real estate properties.

When couples cannot agree on how to split jointly-held assets, the court may need to intervene. In situations like this, courts make asset division decisions based on many different factors. These factors include each spouse's income, non-marital assets, future earning capacity, age, and health. Courts will also consider the economic and non-economic contributions that each spouse made to the marriage. Non-economic contributions include contributions a spouse made as a homemaker or stay-at-home parent. Decisions regarding custodial provisions for children and spousal maintenance are also taken into consideration during property division.

In Illinois, child custody is formally called "the allocation of parental responsibilities." Visitation is called "parenting time." Parents who wish to share custody of their children will be asked to create a parenting agreement or parenting plan. This plan will outline the rights and responsibilities each parent has as well as how parents will share parenting time. Ekker Law, P.C. / Steven B. Ekker, Esq. can help parents negotiate a mutually-agreeable parenting agreement which best serves the needs of their children. When no parenting arrangement can be reached, experienced family law attorney Steve Ekker is fully prepared to take your case to court.

Kendall County Divorce Lawyer Offering Sound Legal Guidance

Attorney Steve Ekker has been practicing law since 1993. He and the rest of the team at Ekker Law, P.C. / Steven B. Ekker, Esq. can help with disputes related to property division, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and more. We understand the personal and financial turmoil that the end of a marriage can bring into people's lives. This is why we strive to provide compassionate, effective legal services for clients going through a divorce.

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